Transmission Service & Repair In Jacksonville, FL

If you’ve been having trouble with your car’s transmission and need top-quality transmission service in Jacksonville, FL, you need a service center you can trust for skilled and prompt help. That’s where the service team at our Mazda dealership comes in. At our service center, we’ll professionally check on your transmission, determine if you need repair or replacement, and get you back on the road in a safe-running car.

Learn About Different Transmission Types

The transmission in your vehicle is more than just a random part. It takes power from your engine and sends it to your wheels. When you need to change gears and start moving, that’s your transmission’s essential role. Here’s a look at each type.

Manual Transmission

It all started with the manual transmission. Sometimes referred to as a “stick shift,” drivers select a gear and engage or disengage the clutch to control how much torque transfers from the engine to the transmission. Many older cars and performance vehicle designs utilize a manual transmission. It may be difficult for some drivers to get used to, but it also tends to be simpler in design, making transmission service in Jacksonville, FL, simpler. Stick shifts also have a tendency to last longer.

Automatic Transmission

An automatic transmission takes the pressure off you while driving and automatically ensures your engine is not spinning too fast or too slowly while also giving your wheels the right amount of power to move or stop. All you have to do is put your car in drive, and everything else happens automatically. Shifting gears can’t get easier.

CVT Transmission

More speeds mean more gears, and the CVT transmission makes the range of speeds your vehicle can cycle through almost limitless. CVT, or continuously variable transmission, uses a belt design instead of gears to move the appropriate power from the engine. CVT transmissions have been around for a while and are especially common in hybrid vehicles and SUVs due to their excellent fuel efficiency and consistent power delivery. Our experts are more than able to take care of CVT transmission service in Jacksonville, FL.

Are You Seeking “Professional Transmission Repair Near Me”?

Stop spending time searching “transmission repair near me” and get the service you need at our transmission repair shop. Our team of experts knows all the ins and outs of transmissions and how complex they can be. A problem with your transmission can go from small to serious in no time, impacting your safety as well as your vehicle’s reliability. If your vehicle is struggling to switch gears, the gears are slipping, or your car is unresponsive, skip the search and get in touch with us right away for transmission service in Jacksonville, FL.

Get a Quality Transmission Fluid Change in Jacksonville, FL

Maybe you don’t need a new transmission or repair yet, and a transmission fluid change is all that’s required. Old transmission fluid can break down like oil in your engine and increase dangerous friction. If you see leaks, hear strange noises, or smell burning, visit us to see if a fluid flush is in order. We’ll clean the system and replace your transmission fluid with a fresh supply. Stay up on transmission fluid and take care of several services for your car at once at our service center. Get your oil change in Jacksonville right along with your transmission fluid change for smooth moves in your car.

Get Transmission Service in Jacksonville, FL Now

Your transmission is one of the most important parts of your car. Don’t ignore engine lights or problematic symptoms. Visit our Mazda service center to get professional help with your transmission now.

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